Highlight Photos for the Final Visit - DDGM John F Sullivan

Freemasons from far and wide came to the Worcester Masonic building on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 to honor the outgoing District Deputy Grand Master of Massachusetts for the 23rd Masonic District John F Sullivan.

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The night began in the dining hall with a wonderful banquet provided by the Massachusetts Consistory.  The meal was enjoyed by all and was the perfect set up for the rest of the evening's festivities.

Upstairs preparing for the procession for the District Deputy Grand Master's Suite, the District Deputy Grand Marshall, Worshipful Mike Leonard did an outstanding job organizing the very long line of distinguished Masons that seemed to endlessly wrap through the hallways and rooms of the Worcester Masonic building.

The District Deputy Grand Master led the  procession that rivaled in length any Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and did an outstanding job in introducing by name the entire Suite to the brothers sitting on the sidelines.

The District Deputy then went to the business of the evening, which included the presentation of awards and special recognitions to the brothers from the 23rd Masonic District.

In his closing remarks, with his usual grace and style, he took a walk down memory lane, by sharing special recollections from his Masonic journey, and a touching remembrance of the fallen firefighters that he served with during the time of the historic Worcester warehouse fire.

In all, it was a wonderful and very special Masonic evening.

We here in the 23rd Massachusetts Masonic District wish to thank District Deputy Grand Master John F Sullivan for his leadership, hard work and friendship.  We look forward to his continuing support and contributions in the future.  It will always be an honor to sit in any Lodge with you.

We will all pray to the Grand Architect of the universe that he watches over you on your continued journey wherever you may go.  Thank you Brother!

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